You got an entrepreneurial spirit.

But have you ever wondered?

"Do I really have what it takes to start an online business?"


The truth is: Entrepreneurs comes in all shapes and sizes... With different strengths. Different skills. Different backgrounds. And different goals.

But they all have one thing in common:

It's the desire for MORE. The urge to create something out of nothing. And to live life on their own terms.

If you've got THAT, I believe you have what it takes. But...

Different types of entrepreneurs succeed in different ways.

So the question is:

What TYPE of entrepreneur are YOU?


Let's Answer That Question Right Now...

Maybe you're a stay at home mom (shout-out to all dads, too) and you want to turn your passion for writing into an actual business...

...the kids are off to college and now it's time to focus on just you - and what you truly want. And how you can go about obtaining it...

Maybe you're an artist and you want to sell what you create...

Or, maybe you've got lots of experience from a corporate career. But now it's time to branch out on your own...

Whatever the case, it all comes down to your specific situation. You'll face unique challenges. But you'll also have some exceptional advantages.

Once you figure out what type of entrepreneur you are, you can overcome the challenges and make the MOST out of your strengths. 

Plus, you can learn from people who already did what you are trying to do.

And luckily, I can help...

Here's why:

I'm Robert Lewin, and I'm the founder of the business training blog Serious Blogger.

I'm a Certified Digital Marketer and Author with specialties in Content Marketing, Social Media and Community Management, eCommerce Marketing, Customer Value Optimization, and Email Marketing, just to name a few. You can view some of my certifications here.

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Since starting my journey online in May 2014, I have noticed that there are really only five (5) distinct types of entrepreneurs. 

So, to help you figure out YOUR type, I need you to take a few short answer questions. And then, you'll get a custom report about your unique strengths, and more important, how you can use them to start a successful business.

Plus, this report is FREE. Just answer these short questions right here.

What Type of Entrepreneur

Are You?

Let's Find Out Right Now

Here's Exactly What You Should Expect After You Start This Short Quiz

Remember, we analyzed hundreds of business owners in all types of industries, with different backgrounds, and of varying ages.

The goal?

To understand how different types of entrepreneurs succeed. And to help you start or grow your business and take full advantage of your unique skills, experience, and goals.

So, after you answer a few short questions, our algorithm will find an entrepreneur (or business owner) who built the kind of business you want to build... and I'll share exactly what they did and how they did it. 

Start your assessment now:

What Type of Entrepreneur

Are You?

Let's Find Out Right Now